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Here we've compiled a treasure trove of information about the Innovative Theatres process. Nitty gritty design inquiries? Check. Easy process and billing basics? Shoot us a note at [email protected] and we'll do our best to get you an answer ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

We design and build professional, state-of-the-art screening rooms and private theaters. 

Innovative Theatres is a full service, complete design, build and install company. This means that we, with you, will design the concept, fabricate the interior elements, provide the seating and accent lighting. In addition, we provide the technology and electronic integration. This includes the complete theater current audio surround sound, video projection/LED wall and one-touch theater automation. The goal is to provide the completed theater that you have envisioned.

Innovative Theatres works to understand your needs, style, and how your commercial company or you and your family will use your theater. The process always begins with our client conversation. So often we get the question, “how does the theater design process begin?” There are several important steps to the design process. We begin with questions such as.

* How many guests will your screening room or family theater do you want to accommodate?

* Do you have a particular theme in mind?

* What are your viewing preferences?

* What are the room dimensions and details?

* At what stage is the construction so far?

This initial conversation provides us with an overall idea of where to begin. The next step will be to meet with you (the Owner, Designer and/or Architect), on-site or in your office to continue to discuss and refine the details. Next we create the action plan.

Yes! We love to work with all creative talent. We feel the most successful projects are collaborative. Roughly 70% of our projects begin in the architectural and designer phase. The additional 30% are our clients converting an existing space into a new theater. Both ways, it is always a collaborative effort.

After the creative discussions begin, the costing becomes more defined. In the early stages it is analogous to buying a home (square footage, amenities, etc.) and there is no set price. The cost of your theater is driven by three areas:

(1) Interior Details. This includes the project’s physical size, acoustics, materials, amenities and surfaces, seating, lighting and construction.

(2) Technology. The quality of theater sound and projection/LED technology are the driving factors of the technology costs. Theater automation, networking distribution, and program sources are also part of the technology equation.

(3) Collaboration: Pre-planning and coordination can reduce overall costs. During the design phase (preferably), or construction phase, it is efficient for Innovative’s team to coordinate with your architect/construction team to provide some essential steps to your theaters completion. With our specifications, items such as wall framing, drywall, stair and platforms, mill work and electrical can be part of your construction company’s scope of work and reducing the budget. 

Innovative can plan and design based on a client’s specific set-aside budget or produce a budget based on discussions of our client’s wishes and what is appropriate for the property. As a reference, costs for a custom designed, constructed, engineered, audio/video and installed new theater projects by Innovative typically begin at $120,00.00 and additional costs for out-of-state travel, transportation and installation. We are also experts at the renovation of exiting theaters to current standards. Costs are based on desired upgrades.

Project payments (progress payments) are made in stages. After our initial meeting, we can usually provide a rough estimate of your theater cost based on our discussions. As the theater evolves, the budget range could change based on theater details and technology changes. Our clients are always informed about any decisions that may impact the budget.

Our fee schedule is typically broken into the following stages:

(1) Initial design fees (credited back at project completion).

(2) Procurement of interior materials, seating and electronic equipment.

(3) Construction including specialty craft workers and tradespeople (electricians, framing, drywall, staging, and platforming etc.).

(4) Project completion and client education.

Innovative Theatres provides a full year of technical support at no additional charge to our clients. This includes our labor to remove and re-install any failed equipment. All warranties for equipment are based on the manufacturer’s stated warranty, which are typically 1-5 years. After the first year, we are happy to provide/coordinate any service required, which is simply charged at an hourly rate.

Timelines typically range from 3 to 8 months. Of course, all projects vary in size and complexity, which determines the overall time to completion. Permitting (if any), electronic equipment, custom millwork, seating, and fixtures are the longest lead times. Our extensive experience allows us to optimize and adjust schedules regularly to assure your project stays on course.

All theaters are controlled by a “one touch” automation system for ease of use. Depending on the complexity and “smart home” integration requirements, we utilize a variety of proven automation systems from highly regarded manufacturers such as Crestron, Control4 and RTI to name a few.

Absolutely! Electronics are constantly evolving, but we always keep our client’s systems current with an eye on the future.

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