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Keith Willis

CEO / Co-founder

As the principal and Co-founder of Innovative Theatres, Keith has accomplished a wide range of commercial and residential projects.  Clients have included  CBS  Brodcasting,  The American Film Institute (AFI), Paramount Studios  to name a few.

Keith Willis began his career in the music industry.  He worked  with artists Prince, Chick Corea, Lee Ritenour and more.

Educated at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA -Art and Design) and THX/Lucas Film. 

He is the main creative force in design and engineering at Innovative Theatres.  

a recognized industry leader in private & commercial theater design/installation. 

Our award-winning team of designers, technicians, and skilled production professionals combine to provide our clients with complete project support from concept to completion.      

What We Do

Home Theaters

Today it is now possible to get the same performance level from a private home theater as public cinemas. This includes ultra high performing home theaters and home cinemas such as IMAX..

Innovative Theatres is a world-class, private cinema design and build firm with extensive experience in customized installations for the discerning client.. Innovative Theatres provides state-of-the-art home theater equipment with complete installation services.  In addition, we offer comprehensive interior planning and fabrication,

We transform any room into a beautiful new home theater with our design services and installation.

Screening Rooms

Screening Room technology has never been more advanced and accessible to private institutions and the public than right now.

The technology of commercial cinema presentation is currently at historic crossroads.  Digital Cinema, or D Cinema, has replaced film projection technology for the presentation of digital visual media. Delivered via hard-drive, the program content (movie) is then accessed by a digitally encrypted “key”.

Also, there has been a considerable evolution in audio as we move from legacy 5.1 and 7.1 to Auro 3D, Dolby ATMOS, and the upcoming DTS X. These audio formats allow for the installation of additional layers of speakers to create” immersive audio” or Auro 3D, 


Smart Technology

Over the past decade, “Smart” is a term that has is an ever-increasing host of intuitive products designed for home and industry.  When engineered, programmed, and coordinated successfully, these systems become “smart homes” that can perform multiple, complex functions without a great deal of Owner input or effort.

Current trends suggest that there is no foreseeable end to the development of such Smart products.  That said, the challenge shall remain for owners, designers, and integrators to select the functions and features that will best and most efficiently provide the “Smart “amenities that are desired. Innovative Theatres program designers are very experienced in designing for flexability and ease of use for our clients. 

Theater Design & Planning

Innovative Theatres has designed and produced extensive projects the world over. Evaluation and Design is an essential first step in any project. Whether a plan review for a new structure or a job-walk of an existing site, this early understanding of the theater project and its unique details will determine a host of decisions down the line. 

Further, a well-rounded theater interior design program addresses motif and style elements:, color, materials, and personal comfort.. Many design elements to be addressed and blended into a cohesive, well-functioning concept for any private theater or commercial screening room.

Procurement & Project Management

Project Management and Skilled Installation is the center point of Innovative Theatres’ unique single-source approach to Theater Design and Construction. Upon completing and approving project plans, Innovative Theatres’ management team starts and organizes all construction phases, procurement, custom fabrication, and on-site materials installation. 

We fabricate and finish many of the Innovative Theatres custom products ‘off site’ for fast and efficient installation and minimal disruption on site. Upon project completion, our designers and technicians provide a complete and through esthetic and technical walk-through with hands-on instruction for complete theater operations.

Theater Technical Installation

Technology behind screening room and home theater sound differs from other forms of sound reproduction.  The current standard for high-quality theater audio is 5.1 and 7.1 logic (surround) sound.  This system distributes five distinct channels from the movie soundtrack to a series of front, side, and rear speakers throughout the theater.

Quantum Logic 3D (immersive) sound and other surround sound codecs are now appearing on the technology horizon. QLS technology involves a further separation of the sound field .


Acoustics play an essential role in each theater project and have two special applications. First, Acoustical Isolation:. This term refers to the controlling of sound, produced by the theater system, and to limit or eliminate its intrusion into adjacent areas.  A wealth of products and techniques are available to address Acoustical Isolation; Next: Acoustical Treatment, which refers to the control and “shaping” of sound within the Screening Room or Home Theater. The goal is to eliminate the unwanted echoes, standing waves, reverberations and other effects that compromise the broadcast material’s true, intended fidelity. As with isolation, a host of products and applications are available to use.

Lighting & Technology

Commercial and Residential Theater Lighting and Control systems are intre gal in a complete design of any project. Innovative Theatres actively strives to fashion a lighting plan appropriate to the design and architecture of the theater project. theater sound, essential electronics, and Projection are, without a doubt, the fastest developing segment in the theater design business. This can be a moving target, so each new project requires a thorough review of product specifications to assure that the component selection is the most advanced and appropriate to fit the clients’ needs.


Unique as they are, the stunning sights and sounds of a modern high-tech cinema is not without complexity.  It is the goal and purpose of System Automation to combine and organize numerous systems commands and functions into an easy and convenient operating system.  Automation allows for the operation of the theater and/or the whole-home or facility to be operated by single button press.  This eliminates the need for multiple remote controls, The integrator/programmer’s job to understand the automation system’s requirements and assemble the most appropriate custom solution.


Hall of Fame Award

America Society of Interior Design (ASID)

Each year the Los Angeles chapter of ASID selects one company within the interior design industry for inclusion into their Hall Of Fame


Film Festival

Innovative Theatres Film Festival

Innovative Theatres will conduct its yearly Innovative Film Festival July 16/17/18 2021

Most Creative Design

Los Angeles Design Mart

The prestigious Los Angeles Design Mart presented Innovative Theatres the Most Creative for its Titanic themed movie theater. 

Recent Projects


Commercial and Home Cinemas:

Enjoy viewing a sample portfolio of our custom commercial and home cinema projects Many home theater ideas begin here.  

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Best Theater Design Company

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