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  Home Theater design – Procurment – Installation

Custom home theaters are becoming more and more popular in today’s homes. It’s now possible to get the same performance from a private home theater as that of public cinemas such as IMAX and AMC movie theaters. Our firm specializes in custom home theaters. We are a world-class, private cinema design and build firm with extensive experience in customized installations. 


We offer our expertise to make your home theater the highest quality

There is so much that goes into planning, building, and setting up a well-functioning home theater that it’s advisable to consult with Home Theater Professionals in Pacific Palisades to guide you through the many steps of the design and build process. Innovative Theatres offers all Home Theater services including top-quality home theater design, theater seating, home theater acoustics & soundproofing, custom fabrication, and sophisticated AV gear that can play at reference listening levels without distortion. Managing all these factors can be extremely confusing without hiring professionals who can relieve a lot of that burden from you. We know how to get the best out of any space that you give us. We have built our reputation on a legacy of successful home theater installations that skillfully blend fine interior design with the latest in home entertainment technology.

Good Projects Equal Good Value

Modern private home theaters combine a wide array of equipment and custom-fabricated products to achieve their magical appeal. Over the years we have found that the best value in custom home theater design and construction lies in a pleasing and functional design completed efficiently-at any price level-done once and done right! We also offer home theater installation services in Laguna Beach.

Future proof cabling

Audio is constantly evolving…before there was 5.1 and then there was 7.1 now we have new codecs namely DTS X, Dolby ATMOS and Auro 3D that require extra speakers. To assure that your home theater will not be limited for upgrade to new-advancing technology or equipment we approach each project to anticipate, as best possible, the potential. This always includes extra cabling for additional speakers or A/V components so that in the future you can add more speakers without worrying about remodeling.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind cannot be understated when you are dealing with custom home theaters. When you know that a pro is installing your sound system you won’t have to worry. Everything will be expertly installed and explained for your on-going private theater enjoyment.
From carpet to cable management we’ve got you covered.

Ease of use

At Innovative Theatres, simplicity is the name of the game. Even complex installations will be designed to function easily with an automation system tailored to your specific job. Whether a simple universal remote or sophisticated Crestron system, we believe that ease of operation is a fundamental part of your home theater experience