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The Best Custom Home Theater Installers In Malibu

Malibu Home Theater InstallationWhat do you do when you finally get your dream home with that basement or spare room that you want for your man cave? You turn it into a home theater of course. Innovative Theatres is one of the best custom Malibu home theater installers. We offer complete home theater installation Malibu, acoustical fabric placement and designing of your home theater. These are some of the reasons as to why you should hire a custom home theater installation company:

We are the most complete home theater installers in Malibu Ca

You will actually save money by hiring a custom installer rather than installing the home theater system by yourself. That doesn’t make sense to you? Well when you do it yourself there is a high probability that something will go wrong and in the home theater world when you mess up something, it could end up costing you time and money. Innovative Theatre has been in the business of home theater installations for many years. They are professionals and know what to do and how to expertly avoid problems. Once the installer is done with your home theater then they will be available to you for free for another year just in case something goes wrong.

We offer complete customization

Few, if any, professional home theater installations in Malibu provide the level of customization that Innovative Theatres offer. A home theater can be a very detailed to assemble, imagine how many remotes that will be needed to control your projector, your preamp/processor, media player, Blu-ray player and HTPC. It’s a frustrating exercise to be constantly changing remotes to just watch a movie, Innovative Theatres will engineer and set up all your AV gear and lighting to be controlled by one universal device. Better yet it’s even possible to control all these functions from your smart phone.

Calibration is very important in your home theater system

Audio counts for 50% to 60% of your movie experience and frequently even the best audio systems need to be ‘dialed in’. Each channel has to be equalized, sure some AV receivers have their own room correction programs like audesssy and YPAO but some of these programs might end up causing more problems than they solve. At Innovative Theatre, our personnel are well trained, certified and have a lot of experience with audio calibration for your custom home theater.

Innovative Theatre is a specialized customized home theater Malibu Ca, we have been in the home theater business for many years and have the technical know-how to tackle just about any of the problems that might arise during the home theater building process. So give us a call and be prepared to be blown away.