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Welcome To Innovative Theatres Custom Theater Designers

“Over the past 22 years we are continually reminded
that in creating the finest home and commercial
theaters it is highly advantageous to design, fabricate
and install the entire project within a single company.
With experts in the fields from architecture to interiors,
electronics to automation we have found that both
designers and clients enjoy our coordinated approach”.



What Defines Us

what-defines-us Innovative Theatres Inc. began as an exclusive boutique theater firm serving the elite residences of Southern California, Our unique single point design, engineering and management approach has attracted both residential and commercial theater clients from all corners of the globe. As frequently noted by Innovative Theatres principals Keith Willis and Jon Heberling, “We are one of the few firms that have architectural and interior designers and audio and video electronics engineers working under one roof. Considering the inherent challenges of seamlessly blending fine design details with constantly evolving electronics technology, it’s proven to be key element in our success.


theater-acousticsAcoustics play an essential role in each theater project and have two very distinct applications. First, there is Acoustical Isolation. This refers to the control of sound produced by the home theater system to limit or eliminate its’ intrusion into adjacent areas and to keep noise from adjacent areas from entering the private theater. A wealth of products and techniques are available to address Acoustical Isolation, Acoustical Treatment refers to the control and “shaping” of sound within the home theater. The goal is to eliminate the unwanted echoes and reverberations that compromise the true, intended fidelity of the broadcast material. As with isolation, a host of products and applications are available to use.

Project Management

project-managementProject Management and Skilled Installation is the center point of Innovative Theatres’ outstanding single-source approach to Theater Design and Construction. Upon the completion and approval of project plans, Innovative Theatres’ management team initiates and organizes all phases of construction, procurement, custom fabrication and on-site materials installation. To benefit our clients, many of the custom products provided by Innovative Theatres Inc. are fabricated and finished ‘off site’ for fast and efficient installation and minimal disruption. Upon project completion, an Innovative Theatres Technician provides a technical walk-through and hands-on instruction.

Design and Planning

design-and-planningArchitectural and Interior Evaluation and Design is an essential first-step in any project. Whether a plan review for a new structure or a job-walk of an existing site, this early understanding of the theater project and its’ unique details will determine a host of decisions down the line. Further, a well rounded theater interior design program addresses the elements of motif & style. color, materials and personal comfort. For any given private theater or commercial screening room there are numerous design elements that not only need to be addressed, but also blended into a cohesive, well- functioning concept.

Lighting and Technology

lighting-and-technologyCommercial and residential Theater Lighting and Control Systems play a role in the finished ‘WOW’ of any project. Innovative Theatres actively strives, in every design, to fashion a lighting plan that is appropriate to the architecture, visually stunning and easy to operate. Theater Sound, Electronics and Projection is, without a doubt, the fastest evolving segment in the theater design business… a moving target if you will. Each new project requires a thorough review of product specifications to assure that the component selection is the most advanced and appropriate to fit the clients’ needs.

Design and Construction Services

design-and-constructionInnovative Theatres Inc. Design & Construction Services are available throughout the United States and World-Wide. Innovative Theatres has produced extensive projects in Cities that include Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Calabasas, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Napa Valley and Las Vegas. Innovative Resort and Eastern locations include Aspen, Telluride, Vail, Chicago, New York City and the Hamptons. International regions include Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, United Arab Emerates, Sinapore and Beijing amoung many other locations.